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Top Baits For Fishing In Cold Water

Like it or not, the cold weather is starting to creep in around the country and many of the “fair weather” anglers are putting away their gear for the year. But, all of us at FishVault know better. Fishing can be done around the year and each season provides opportunities to catch fish if you use the right approach. Cold water fishing can be more difficult in extreme temperatures or right after a severe cold front. While these conditions may make it more challenging, the big fish will still bite. One thing to keep in mind is that cold water temperatures are relative to where you are fishing. Water temperatures vary significantly by region and fish in warmer climates are often more affected by cold weather. 

Are you a cold weather angler like us? If so, then the following are some of the best fishing lures for cold water fishing...

Skirted Rubber Jigs

This style of lures encompasses a wide range of jigheads, sizes, and countless color options. All of them are excellent choices for cold water fishing because they imitate crawfish and small baitfish. For cold water, jigs with the least action are better, and that often comes down to the soft-plastic trailer you use.

Avoid trailers with flapping and heavy kicking action and instead, choose those with subtle movements in cold-water. Long flowing rubber skirts are great to add action but should be shortened or thinned for cold water applications to keep the presentation more compact and less aggressive.

Flat-Sided Crankbaits

The reason flat baits are better when the water is cold is because they have a tighter action as they are retrieved. Round crankbaits like squarebills are great when the fish are aggressive, but they are not the best choice in cold-water. Stick with flat baits and those with tight wobbling action.

Hair Jigs

Like skirted rubber jigs, hair jigs are subtle lures that are some of the best fishing lures you can use when the water is cold.

The hair provides a natural flow that appears like food to bass, and even after the bait stops moving, the hair still flows and appeals to monster fish.

Blade Baits and Spoons

Both of these metal lures are excellent choices for cold water fishing. They produce flash, vibration and can be fished in extremely deep water if necessary. Anglers have success with these baits by casting and retrieving and also vertically jigging beneath the boat for fish they have located on their electronics.

Blade baits and spoons come in a wide range of colors, but a simple silver or gold pattern are two of the best bass fishing lures you can tie on for winter fishing.

Cold water fishing is different than other times of the year, but by utilizing these four proven lure types, you can have hot action when the weather is cold. Find baits like these along with tons of other leading tackle and gear each month in a FishVault fishing subscription box!