The Perfect Father's Day Gift For Anglers

On Father’s day, most of us will take a moment to reflect on our fathers and give a small thanks for the impacts they had on us. For those of us that fish and love fishing, many of us had that fire sparked by a father or a father figure.

Fishing with dad was all about you catching the fish. Not to say he didn’t hook his fair share, or that competition wasn’t the sole driving force behind every cast. Just that he took more delight in your catch than his own. We feel that with our own children now, swelling pride in their accomplishments, and joy in their hard earned pay off. There’s nothing quite like the beaming face of your child, pure joy coursing through the adrenaline of hooking their first fish. No matter how many times they pull one in, the feeling remains the same. Our fathers celebrated when we had success and pushed us passed the gloom when efforts failed to yield rewards.

The takeaway here? Celebrate the good things in life and weather the bad with a smile. Life is not always going to give us what we work hard for, even if we do everything right. So, when it does, we better celebrate it. Enjoy the good in life.

This Father’s Day give the gift of time to your dad. Take him fishing if he’s still around. And if he’s not, then take his grandson or granddaughter. Get out on the river. Cast away the daily grind and take time for the greater things in life. Time spent fishing is time well spent.

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