Learning To Fish New Lures

If you have been a FishVault subscriber for any length of time, then you have received several of the top baits that feature the top techniques being used by anglers. There are literally hundreds of ways to catch fish these days on thousands of different baits. Sampling some of these baits you’ve never fished with before can often lead to newfound favorites and greatly increase your versatility as an angler.  

But it’s sometimes hard to develop confidence in new baits, especially when we can’t seem to put down the steady producers we’ve come to love and rely on.  

So today, we’re going to try to help out with this dilemma and give you some practical tips on how to develop confidence in new baits and techniques so that you can broaden your tackle box.   

Leave Your Other Baits At Home

We’ll often set out with the best of intentions to fish with something new, but after a short while without a bite, we find ourselves picking up the same old lures we always go back to. One of the easiest ways to prevent this so that you can develop confidence in new baits is to simply not take anything else with you.  

Some of the best days we’ve had when it comes to new techniques and growth as an angler came when we simply refused to fish with anything else that day, and forced ourselves to catch fish with the new technique, or not fish at all. If you spend enough time with a new bait in your hand, you’ll eventually learn how to catch fish with it. Only taking one rod and one bait it a great way to force yourself to do this.  

Fish In High Percentage Areas

Take a new bait to a pond where you know you’ll be around much more fish with less pressure on the situation, and you’ll develop confidence in the bait there. If a fish in a pond will bite a bait, a fish on a bigger body of water typically will too. But learning how to trigger strikes, set the hook and fight fish in a pond with a new technique will have you better prepared and confident in the bait when you set out to fish it in tougher situations.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Switch It Up

Another great way to develop confidence in a new bait or technique is to intentionally switch baits when you get around fish that are biting. So, say you’ve fished a spinnerbait all morning with little activity and suddenly you get a few bites. Now’s the time to pick up that glide bait you’ve been wanting to learn how to fish.  

If you’re just fun fishing and the fish start biting, it’s a great time to see if you can get bit on a new bait. You know there are fish in the area, you know they’re aggressive and there’s no pressure on the situation. So, pick up the new bait and give it a shot. You may find they bite it even better than the other lure you were using.  

Wrap Up

Developing confidence in a wide variety of lures and techniques will make you a more well-rounded angler and set you up for success in a much broader set of circumstances. In order to grow though, you’ll have to be a little uncomfortable at times. That is what makes being a FishVault subscriber so fun, each month you get some of the best baits and lures being used by the pros, and you get to learn new techniques that you may not have tried before. That falls right in line with our mission of helping each subscriber become better and more successful anglers.