Health Benefits of Fishing

At FishVault, we recognize the many positive benefits of fishing. It isn’t always about catching the biggest fish, sometimes it isn’t even about catching fish at all! Whether it’s the sights, smells and sounds, or simply the chance to escape from the daily grind, time on the water can have a positive effect on your mental, physical, and spiritual health. That’s because the time spent outdoors is calming and relaxing, having a therapeutic like effect. Listen to that mundane chop of a buzz bait going across the surface on a crisp evening. Or feel the spray coming off your bait caster on the first morning that the fish push up shallow.  If you take a second to think about your time on the water you’ll quickly realize that your brain is focused on what’s right in front of you instead of that pile of emails or all those missed calls.

A fishermen can be offered plenty of opportunities to head to the lake, lets be honest, it doesn’t take too much convincing! Its not hard to realize the emotional boost that comes from spending time outdoors and it can become addicting. Whether you’re just learning how to fish or you’re a professional on the Elite Series, here are some interesting ways your mind and body will benefit from time spent on the water:


  • Physical Exercise: Walking to the perfect spot, wading in the water or casting all day long are all great forms of activity. And regular physical exercise is known to relieve tension, improve energy and enhance your well-being thanks to an uptick in endorphins. One bite from a big one will surely get you to that release we all chase rather quickly.


  • A Renewed Focus: One of the biggest psychological benefits of fishing is that it allows anglers to focus on the simple act of fishing. You can let go of all your cares and worries, which in turn, gives you the opportunity to decompress and appreciate the beauty and joy a day on the water affords. This is something we probably all need to focus more on.


  • Greater Self-Esteem: One of the best mood boosters is confidence. And fishing can help by upping your skills. From analyzing the best spot to go or addressing problems that come up while you’re on the water, you’ll strengthening your decision-making skills and be better prepared to achieve other personal goals as a result.


  • Quiet Reflection: If you want to step away from the noise that constantly surrounds us and concentrate on yourself, planning a solo fishing trip will give you that opportunity. For some anglers, a day of solitary seclusion on the water is the perfect chance for clear thinking and introspection that can bring greater understanding and happiness. And who knows, clearing your mind might actually allow you to go home and accomplish even more.


So next time you are out fishing, take some time to reflect on the positive benefits mentioned above. Take a deep breath, enjoy the view, and be thankful for the opportunity that most people will never understand or experience.