FishVault – A Fresh Look At Fishing Subscription Boxes

Although it might seem that monthly subscription boxes are more prominent than they have ever been before, the truth is that these types of subscriptions have been around for years. Fruit, cheese, wine, and coffee for example have been known as “of the month” clubs since Clark Griswold went bananas over his company’s Christmas bonus in National Lampoon’s Christmas.

More recently, fishing subscription boxes have entered the market. They all follow the same model. Each of them offers you a certain quantity of baits and lures that you can try on your next fishing excursion. The idea behind the box is that you will get a handful lures at a more affordable price than buying them individually. While this can be an affordable way to quickly acquire a bunch of lures, it also comes with some downsides:

  1. Products are not the most popular brands currently being used by anglers? One of the biggest critiques of fishing subscription boxes is that they either use off-brand lure companies that no one has heard of, or they use products that have been discontinued. A common statement we hear is, “I saw the same products in the bargain bin last weekend at my tackle shop.”.
  2. Products are all self-branded items. To make even better margins, many of these companies make their own brand of products and focus a high percentage of the contents around them.
  3. How many lures do you really need? When we survey former customers of fishing subscription boxes, the number one reason they said they cancelled their subscription is because they have, “Too many baits”. While baits and lures are a critical part of the fishing experience, they are just a small component of a true angler’s lifestyle.
  4. The value just isn’t there. The old saying of “You get what you pay for” is especially true with fishing subscriptions. With some boxes costing as little as $19, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you are not getting much bang for your buck.

FishVault offers a fresh and innovative option for fishing subscription boxes. Founded in 2019, this veteran owned company broke the mold by offering a box that was curated with the most popular gear and tackle made by the most iconic brands in the fishing industry. Addressing the stigma that was created around fishing subscriptions, FishVault provides:

  1. The most popular items being used by anglers. From Columbia, to Yeti, Oakley, Pelican, and Gerber, all FishVault boxes offer products by the industry’s leading companies.
  2. A variety of top brands. FishVault does not manufacture products. We leave that to the pros to offer the best quality at the best prices. Every box features multiple brands.
  3. A variety of products. While each FishVault box will contain a leading lure or two, we also include other products that are essential to anglers. From sunglasses, to coolers, to knives, watches, and electronics, our box truly is a fishing lifestyle box.
  4. The most valuable box on the market. Every FishVault box contains over $200 in retail value. This box will make every month feel like Christmas.

FishVault subscribers are serious anglers who are looking to outfit their lifestyle with the latest gear, gadgets, tackle, and technology that is available to the fishing industry. Experience the difference. Try FishVault today!