Fishing Muddy Water

They say that every day is different when you go fishing. Sometimes it is sunny. Sometimes it rains. It may be hot, cold, windy, or calm, and each scenario requires a different approach. Today we want to look at fishing muddy or cloudy water.

Muddy water fishing can be disheartening when you feel like you can’t locate fish or draw a bite. Muddy or murky water inhibits fish from seeing nearly as well as in clear water. Here are few baits that will help draw the big bite in dark muddy or murky water!

Squarebill Crankbait

It is hard to beat a crankbait in muddy water. It moves water, it makes noise, and it smashed into everything it can when fished correctly. Fish the bait specifically into rock and structure, and hold on! They often get bit while flashing after striking cover.

Flipping Jig

When cold fronts and storms churn water, fish will often hug tight to dense cover. A flipping jig in black & blue paired with a matching chunk trailer will give bass the right movement and profile while letting you fish tight to cover. You may even wish to attach a rattle to the jig or into the trailer to add additional rattle and sounds to fire up your bass!

Creature Baits

Although fish lose part of their visual hunting ability in muddy water, in many situations, fishing a flapping creature bait can be very effective. We like to Texas Rig creature baits, often with a rattle or pair of beads to provide just the right sound and profile in low visibility water.


In muddy water, fish often remain shallow. When you need to draw a big reaction from hungry fish, look for players. A buzzbait in black and blue will do the job in shallow water. The noise made by the bait will imitate a semi-stunned or injured shad or baitfish. The fish can’t resist…

If you’ve been a FishVault subscriber for any length of time, you should have a few of each of these baits to test out. Give it a try the next time you encounter some muddy water and let us know how it works out!