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Don't Overlook Pond Fishing

Many of us here at FishVault have youngsters who are eager to learn about fishing. Taking them to a local pond can be one of the most effective ways to get them interested in the sport while teaching them the basics at the same time.

Fisheries biologists attempt to quantify the angler fishing experience to assess the productivity of a body of water. One method is by surveying catch per unit effort (CPUE), which measures how many fish are caught over a specific period of time. If well managed, pond fishing trips will consistently yield impressive numbers which makes a young anglers experience more entertaining and increases the likelihood that they’ll want to continue on with the sport.

  1. Confidence.  With the basic 3B’s (bait, bobbers, and bluegill), a good time will be available for all. With plenty of positive reinforcing catches, they can practice casting, setting the hook, and releasing fish. We’ve also found ponds useful for practicing new or unfamiliar techniques so fishing a pond is well suited for all ages and abilities.
  2. Different. Even with similar stocking efforts, every managed fishing pond is different. Depths, vegetation, substrate, biomass and structure all vary from pond to pond and from season to season. Thus, each pond is a new puzzle or set of challenges to try to figure out. Depending on the time of year, there may be common lures that work. For example, one of the regular fishing tips for bass fishing ponds is that once the water warms up, a soft plastic worm will almost always be an effective presentation. However, color or size of that soft plastic worm may vary from pond to pond, and some bass may even prefer other creature baits like a soft plastic lizard or craw.
  3. A Good Plan B. If the river is high and muddy from several days of downpour, most fishing ponds near me remain relatively unaffected and continue to have a high concentration of cooperative fish. A pond does not require an entire day to fish, although pond hopping all day can be a lot of fun too. With a smaller window of time such as the last hour of daylight, efficiency is key. You don’t have to load up the boat when a bit of pond shoreline can suffice, providing the fish and yourself with a bit of entertainment.

Be sure to ask permission before fishing any pond that is not on your own property. If you can take someone pond fishing, be sure to take some pictures and send them to us. We would love to share their successes on the FishVault social pages.